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Nutrition and Taste have long been treated as a typical example of oxymoron! A common cliché of the health food aisle has been – Food made with cardboard and yet, should it be like that? For long we were a family consuming the typical combination of home cooked and store bought processed food. Having young kids at home, we did try to eat as healthy as possible and yet were oblivious to the sheer amount of preservatives used in processed food, not to mention the appalling amounts of sugar! We did further research and were aghast to find that a very large percentage of chemicals used in processed foods are actually banned in many countries. Our initial attempts at buying healthier foods were not met with much enthusiasm by the kids who didn’t find them tasty. That’s how NUTROSIA (Nutritious Ambrosia) was born!

We started wondering why not try cooking with healthy ingredients while making a conscious attempt to make the food tasty. We did not make an overnight change. Here are some of things we did over time:

  • Moved to a mostly whole grain diet – incorporating Barley, Farro, Cracked Wheat into mainstream recipes
  • Replaced white rice with a combination of Brown Rice & Quinoa (Kids still eat white rice)
  • Replaced white breads with whole grain breads
  • Substituted white sugar with Honey, Maple Syrup and Dates

Having said all this, we still go out to restaurants (mostly ones which are transparent about their ingredients), kids eat snacks & cakes at birthday parties etc. We are just more cognizant about the healthier food options and try to adhere to those as much as we can.

At the end of the day, this is not a sermon or an advice. Each family has its own circumstances and constraints. We are just sharing our beliefs and it is totally up to each individual to decide what works best for their family!

In this blog, we will be sharing the recipes we believe has helped us adopt healthier eating.

Points to Note –

  • Some of these are improvisations of existing recipes and others are our own
  • Quantities of ingredients may have to be altered according to the taste preference
  • When you decide to cook most of your own food be prepared to spend a lot more time in the kitchen
  • Involve kids and especially your spouse (:-) to make it fun !

Give it a shot and have fun!


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