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Wholesome Barley Kale soup in Instant Pot

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By now it is quite apparent from my posts that I am a big fan of the Instant Pot 🙂 This versatile gadget has made time spent in the kitchen worthwhile by making it much shorter. Instant Pot cooks under pressure, which keeps the nutrients and flavors intact. When the pot is opened the aroma let out is simply divine. Another huge plus point – the one-pot meals that can be easily prepared using the Instant Pot. Our family loves a hearty one-pot soup which brings together all food groups. A whole grain carb, protein and vegetables.

Start off the cooking process with a liberal drizzle of olive oil which provides the healthy fats. Next the seasoning choice is the ‘always alluring’ curry powder. We find this flavor very appetizing and entices you to go for seconds. It also provides a rich color to the soup. The main herb choice is thyme or rosemary which are both woody and hold up to pressure cooking. Barley is the choice of grain but feel free to bring in lentils and beans if preferred. Kale is the main vegetable choice along with chopped carrots. Adding celery is almost mandatory, since that adds a lovely flavor and crunch. Mushroom can also be included for added flavor.

Pair up this soup with a simple crostini like this one – Mediterranean flatbread

and you have a wholesome and nutritious dinner. This soup can easily be put together by kids who have some basic experience in the kitchen. My teenager always likes to make this soup with little chopping help from mommy ! This is also a great time to have simple and sweet conversations with your teen …. which otherwise might seem an arduous task. They might actually be listening and opening up :-))

Wholesome Barley Kale soup recipe

Ingredients – Serves 8-10 large bowls

  • Pearl Barley 1 cup
  • Kale chopped 1 bunch
  • Diced carrots 1 cup
  • Diced celery 1 cup
  • Curry powder 2 tbsps
  • Italian seasoning 1 tsp
  • Olive Oil 2 tbsps
  • Garlic 5 pods
  • Thyme or Rosemary 3 sprigs separated
  • Vegetable stock 1 large carton
  • Chopped tomato 1 can

Procedure –

  1. First start the Instant Pot on high pressure for 30 minutes manual cooking
  2. Add the olive oil, garlic pods, thyme and let it sizzle
  3. Next add the curry powder and italian seasoning, Season well with salt
  4. Next add the barley, and give it a spin
  5. Next add the canned tomatoes, the whole carton of vegetable stock, celery, carrots and kale
  6. Put the lid on and cook for 20 minutes under high pressure
  7. Once done, remove from power and let it cool down
  8. Once pressure is down, open the pot and give it a good mix. If barley has absorbed all the liquid, add hot water to reach preferred consistency.

Serve with a simple crostini or something lavish like risotto cakes ! – Risotto Cakes with salvaged over cooked rice

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  1. This barley soup is filling, contains very simple ingredients that common and readily available. I made it spontaneously with ingredients I had in my pantry at that time – I substituted the pearl barley with italian barley. My husband liked it so much that he asked for seconds and thirds! One bowl of barley soup and dinner is done!

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