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Protein-packed Pancakes

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Call it pancake, chilla, uthappam …. These are just small, cute, fluffy roundels packed with protein and nutrients to help you begin your day full of energy. Did our elders not always say ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’? 😆This pancake batter can be made in advance or… Continue reading Protein-packed Pancakes

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Chocolate chocolate-chip muffins with chocolate frosting

Can you ever get an overdose of chocolate? 🤔🤪 Not in our home! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 We are all chocoholics; in fact we love dark chocolate. Even the kids. These muffins are pure, heavenly treats 😇What I call a triple chocolate bonanza - cacao in the muffin batter with dark chocolate-chip morsels and an optional chocolate frosting on… Continue reading Chocolate chocolate-chip muffins with chocolate frosting

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Tomato, Olives and Feta Frittata

Sleeping-in on a weekend, waking up, and having a wholesome brunch, is something we love as a family. A very typical brunch selection is a Frittata. A Frittata is nothing but a quiche or a crustless pie made completely with eggs. It is practically a large baked omelette with a crunchy exterior and a fluffy,… Continue reading Tomato, Olives and Feta Frittata


5 days – 5 smoothies

Smoothie (in my opinion) is a blended concoction of a variety of fruits or vegetables with some liquid such as juices and milk along with nuts and seeds. Smoothies are powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins which when prepared with the right combination of ingredients can pactically replace a meal. Relishing a smoothie over an extended… Continue reading 5 days – 5 smoothies

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Strawberry donuts – BAKED :-)

Our 100th post on VEGAN, NUTFREE, VEGETARIAN This is our 100th post on . 🎆 Our THANKS to family, friends, well-wishers and especially people we do not know but have enjoyed our recipes, provided valuable feedback and encouragement. 🙏 Keep them coming … we are learning every day… a long way to go… Continue reading Strawberry donuts – BAKED 🙂


Orange Almond Biscones – marriage between a biscuit and a scone

Jump to recipeJump to recipe card What happens when you imagine a flaky orange cookie, set about making it and end up with a combination of biscuit and scone ? You name it bis-scone 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nonetheless the end product was extremely delicious! I immediately made notes and decided to share it. It also proves that… Continue reading Orange Almond Biscones – marriage between a biscuit and a scone


Welcome the weekend with Buttermilk Biscuits

Jump to recipe It was a lazy Saturday morning and all of us had slept in. As the brood assembled in the kitchen for breakfast, my younger son who is an avid baker started off by looking through his cookery book for breakfast options. He hit upon a simple biscuit recipe. So we started to… Continue reading Welcome the weekend with Buttermilk Biscuits

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Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

Jump to recipe Jump to recipe card Brownie is a square piece of baked indulgence. Brownies can be made with chocolate or can be plain; with nuts or chocolate chips… the possibilities are endless. Brownies are typically enjoyed with  ice cream as a “brownie a la mode”, which starts off with a warm brownie, topped with… Continue reading Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

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Happy Pongal 🍯

Pongal is the Harvest festival celebrated in South India particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu. Around the same time, similar festivals are celebrated in many parts of India with different names such as bihu, Lohri, makar sankaranti etc. The festivities of Pongal are very big for the Tamizh farmer. They are celebrating and thanking nature… Continue reading Happy Pongal 🍯

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Instant Aval or Poha uttapam – ‘faux’ vegetarian omelette

Jump to recipe Having lived in the United States for a long period of time, we have imbibed and embraced many rituals from different cultures. Some of which we followed on New Years day. We welcomed the New Year with apple slices dipped in honey both of which are ‘good luck’ foods for prosperity and… Continue reading Instant Aval or Poha uttapam – ‘faux’ vegetarian omelette