Welcome the weekend with Buttermilk Biscuits

Jump to recipe It was a lazy Saturday morning and all of us had slept in. As the brood assembled in the kitchen for breakfast, my younger son who is an avid baker started off by looking through his cookery book for breakfast options. He hit upon a simple biscuit recipe. So we started to… Continue reading Welcome the weekend with Buttermilk Biscuits

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Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

Jump to recipe Jump to recipe card Brownie is a square piece of baked indulgence. Brownies can be made with chocolate or can be plain; with nuts or chocolate chips… the possibilities are endless. Brownies are typically enjoyed with  ice cream as a “brownie a la mode”, which starts off with a warm brownie, topped with… Continue reading Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

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Happy Pongal 🍯

Pongal is the Harvest festival celebrated in South India particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu. Around the same time, similar festivals are celebrated in many parts of India with different names such as bihu, Lohri, makar sankaranti etc. The festivities of Pongal are very big for the Tamizh farmer. They are celebrating and thanking nature… Continue reading Happy Pongal 🍯

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Instant Aval or Poha uttapam – ‘faux’ vegetarian omelette

Jump to recipe Having lived in the United States for a long period of time, we have imbibed and embraced many rituals from different cultures. Some of which we followed on New Years day. We welcomed the New Year with apple slices dipped in honey both of which are ‘good luck’ foods for prosperity and… Continue reading Instant Aval or Poha uttapam – ‘faux’ vegetarian omelette

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English Muffins – 2 ways for breakfast

Jump to recipe English muffins – what are they called in England ? Muffins ?? 🤔Nope ! American Muffins 🙂 Apparently a baker who moved to New York from Britain originally created these cuties, so they were invented in USA ! But he chose to call them English muffins !English muffins are these soft yet… Continue reading English Muffins – 2 ways for breakfast

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Donuts – healthy ?? yes, really …… BAKED !!

Jump to recipe Donuts is definitely an all American treat and curious if it is enjoyed in any other part of the world 🙂 Although the original recipe might have come from Europe, the present shape with a hole was completely an American sailor’s idea. He did not like the center of ‘cakes’ being ‘doughy’… Continue reading Donuts – healthy ?? yes, really …… BAKED !!

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Simple and Sweet Pumpkin bread

Jump to recipe Cometh Fall…. Cometh Pumpkins ……Fall brings its unique bounty of fruits and flavors. The humble Pumpkin. What makes Pumpkin so appealing in many desserts – the lovely color, fruit like properties, neutral taste and the ability to absorb flavors like a sponge. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin casserole, pumpkin souffle and simple n sweet… Continue reading Simple and Sweet Pumpkin bread


Oats and Broken Wheat idli

Jump to recipe Idlis are steamed rice cakes which is prepared with fermented batter and a healthy staple in South India. Traditional idli calls for grinding parboiled rice and urad dhall and the batter is fermented overnight. Recently the simple idli has been taking many different ‘avataars’. One such experiment has been with Oats. Oats… Continue reading Oats and Broken Wheat idli

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Whole Grain Rava dosa

Jump to recipe Rava Dosa is a delicacy in South India. It is a very crisp, thin and porous crepe. Rava dosa is a mixture of 3 components – White Rava or sooji, Rice flour and All purpose flour or Maida – all 3 ingredients come under ‘white’ carbs. So I set out to transform… Continue reading Whole Grain Rava dosa