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Sprouted mung beans in coconut cilantro curry sauce

Mung beans are bright green colored small legumes. They have their skin intact so high in fiber and since they are small, they are very quick to cook. I always soak mung for a few hours in water, drain, and tie them in a muslin cloth and let it sprout. The mung look very pretty… Continue reading Sprouted mung beans in coconut cilantro curry sauce

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open-faced Navajo Taco

Our family was first introduced to the Navajo taco during one of our trips to the great Grand Canyon national park. There is a restaurant inside the park, on the south rim, called the El Tovar dining room, and this dish was being served for lunch. What was even more appealing to us was that… Continue reading open-faced Navajo Taco

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Protein-packed Pancakes

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Call it pancake, chilla, uthappam …. These are just small, cute, fluffy roundels packed with protein and nutrients to help you begin your day full of energy. Did our elders not always say ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’? 😆This pancake batter can be made in advance or… Continue reading Protein-packed Pancakes

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Corn dalia tomato bhath

Corn dalia is readily available in Indian stores, it is nothing but a coarse grind of dry corn. It is bright orange in color and cooks well almost similar in texture to broken wheat. Try this very easy InstantPot recipe of Tomato corn dalia which comes together in under 15 minutes. This is a a very… Continue reading Corn dalia tomato bhath

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Vegan Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the essential noodles dish that is a must when we enjoy Thai food. It is one of our favorite cuisines, I must say (after Indian of course)! Pad Thai is made with rice noodles which is naturally gluten-free. It makes use of fresh crisp vegetables such as broccoli and peppers. Add a simple… Continue reading Vegan Pad Thai

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Kale Kidney beans (rajma) in InstantPot

Little did I know the variety of options I could explore when I started the series - ‘beans and greens’. Thus far I have discovered some beautiful marriages between - Adzuki and chards Mixed pulses and mustard greens n arugulaBlack-eye peas and collardsChickpea and beet greensOne more to add to the lovely repertoire - Kale kidney beans… Continue reading Kale Kidney beans (rajma) in InstantPot

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Tomato, Olives and Feta Frittata

Sleeping-in on a weekend, waking up, and having a wholesome brunch, is something we love as a family. A very typical brunch selection is a Frittata. A Frittata is nothing but a quiche or a crustless pie made completely with eggs. It is practically a large baked omelette with a crunchy exterior and a fluffy,… Continue reading Tomato, Olives and Feta Frittata

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Masala Buns – lunch specials

More lunch favorites coming up 😝As much as we try out and savor a variety of different foods from different cuisines, sometimes we prefer nostalgic foods that are close to our hearts 😍. Similarly, for my kids, their lunch favorites lean towards ‘fusion creations’ using Indian flavors... although they love pastas and pizzas. The spicy… Continue reading Masala Buns – lunch specials

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South Indian Egg curry

Egg curry is usually boiled eggs simmered in an authentic Indian gravy. Some preparations slice the eggs in half and some keep the boiled eggs whole with slits cut into the white part to soak up the curry flavors. There are many variations of the gravy within India, even within the South Indian states there… Continue reading South Indian Egg curry

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Eggplant and purple yam rice

Wanted to prepare a very mild flavored rice dish that can go well with the robust South Indian kurma. Eggplants are a simple vegetable which can imbibe multitude of flavors and yet prevail in the background of a dish and not take up any front-line space 🤷🏻‍♀️ In order to give this rice a different… Continue reading Eggplant and purple yam rice