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Chickpea and Beet greens warm toss-up

Continuing with our ‘beans and greens’ combination recipes, this is our 4th offering. Hint hint - 1st - Adzuki beans, 2nd - Mixed pulses and 3rd - Black-eye peasHere we are combining chickpeas with beet greens. When you get beets at the grocery store, sometimes they come with the green tops. Most likely everyone tosses it out….… Continue reading Chickpea and Beet greens warm toss-up

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Stuffed baby Eggplants

Jump to recipe My maternal grandmother was an amazing cook. She used to make baby eggplants stuffed with freshly hand-pounded spice mixture and fry them to golden in ghee 😆 her affection was shown directly in the amount of ghee used to fry 😋. The exterior of the eggplants were crispy and interiors soft and… Continue reading Stuffed baby Eggplants

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Punjab soup – our family heirloom recipe

Jump to recipe My paternal grandfather had traveled extensively within India and during one of his trips must have come across this dish in North India. He called it ‘Punjab soup’. We still don’t know if there is really such a dish in Punjab… it was made with potatoes, onions and tomatoes - all three… Continue reading Punjab soup – our family heirloom recipe

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Special occasion meal 💝

My love for cooking and presenting variety of dishes has always made me plan special occasion meals at home. I will plan a few dishes and keep couple of them really simple and cook a couple of them from scratch. This helps with a big spread but not hours of sweating in the kitchen. Some… Continue reading Special occasion meal 💝

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Oven roasted Tortilla chips

Jump to recipe It was yet another cold dreary night and we wanted something really light to go along with our hot soup. My pre-teen son pulled out his ‘kids’ cookbook and found a roasted tortilla chips recipe. Lets make it..... so we modified it 😆 We used corn tortilla, added a liberal sprinkling of… Continue reading Oven roasted Tortilla chips

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Cabbage Power bites – teatime snack

Jump to recipe There are many a day when we crave for something crunchy, something salty and spicy to enjoy along with hot masala tea or a cup of coffee… this craving usually hits in the afternoon right around 3 pm. Tiffin time !! We go about rummaging our pantry to look for that snack,… Continue reading Cabbage Power bites – teatime snack

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Spicy collard greens – in InstantPot

Jump to recipe Collard greens is a vegetable with flat broad leaves and dark green color. Collard greens are very popular in southern states of USA and are often cooked for New Years day to bring good luck. Collards are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Collards do not fall into typical greens category like spinach,… Continue reading Spicy collard greens – in InstantPot

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Creamy corn on toast

Jump to recipe During my school and college days, we as a family used to go to a restaurant in Chennai India which had an eclectic selection of dishes. It was by the beach and was a quaint little place. It was not in the happening part of the city but was quite popular based… Continue reading Creamy corn on toast

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Happy Pongal 🍯

Pongal is the Harvest festival celebrated in South India particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu. Around the same time, similar festivals are celebrated in many parts of India with different names such as bihu, Lohri, makar sankaranti etc. The festivities of Pongal are very big for the Tamizh farmer. They are celebrating and thanking nature… Continue reading Happy Pongal 🍯