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Special occasion meal 💝

My love for cooking and presenting variety of dishes has always made me plan special occasion meals at home. I will plan a few dishes and keep couple of them really simple and cook a couple of them from scratch. This helps with a big spread but not hours of sweating in the kitchen. Some… Continue reading Special occasion meal 💝


Loaded Nachos with homemade queso

Jump to Recipe There are 3 things I totally enjoy about Super Bowl which just happened last Sunday. 1. The brand new advertisements2. The drinks 3. The appetizers Football does not come anywhere on my list 😆One appetizer which always seems to make its way to the preferred list is Loaded nachos. It is a sure crowd pleaser.… Continue reading Loaded Nachos with homemade queso

Appetizer, Sides and Snacks

Oven roasted Tortilla chips

Jump to recipe It was yet another cold dreary night and we wanted something really light to go along with our hot soup. My pre-teen son pulled out his ‘kids’ cookbook and found a roasted tortilla chips recipe. Lets make it..... so we modified it 😆 We used corn tortilla, added a liberal sprinkling of… Continue reading Oven roasted Tortilla chips


Four vegetables – Four Appetizers

Easy entertaining with just vegetables seasoned with variety of spice combinations. Tandoori Mushrooms stuffed with spicy cream cheese - the perfect 'yin and yang' - Spicy and cooling Cauliflower roasted with Curry leaf seasoning - simple Cauliflower roasted with Curry leaf seasoning Butternut Squash oven fries  - who knew oven Fries can be this good… Continue reading Four vegetables – Four Appetizers

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Tandoori Mushrooms stuffed with spicy cream cheese

Jump to RecipeJump to Recipe card Presenting yet another appetizer made with just a single vegetable. Mushrooms are very meaty and comes with a good bit of protein to boot. This recipe is made with White button mushrooms to showcase the glowing color of Indian spices. This is a fabulous Fusion recipe which combines the… Continue reading Tandoori Mushrooms stuffed with spicy cream cheese

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Cauliflower roasted with Curry leaf seasoning

Jump to recipeJump to recipe card Appetizers are usually the best part of any gathering. Guests relax, enjoying them with cocktails while most of the fun conversations are exchanged. Appetizers can be made completely with vegetables and served in uniquely seasoned ways that can be enjoyed by all. Curry leaf is a very beneficial herb used… Continue reading Cauliflower roasted with Curry leaf seasoning

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Cabbage Power bites – teatime snack

Jump to recipe There are many a day when we crave for something crunchy, something salty and spicy to enjoy along with hot masala tea or a cup of coffee… this craving usually hits in the afternoon right around 3 pm. Tiffin time !! We go about rummaging our pantry to look for that snack,… Continue reading Cabbage Power bites – teatime snack

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Double Tuesday Taco treats – Bean n potato and spicy broccoli tofu

Jump to recipe Tacos are so famous that we have a day named after them 😃Taco Tuesdays. We have Taco Tuesdays very often in our home. Tacos are simple meals to put together. I look for some veggie filling with beans, throw them into a tortilla with some cheese, DONE ! Really !!Last night dinner… Continue reading Double Tuesday Taco treats – Bean n potato and spicy broccoli tofu

Appetizer, Sides and Snacks

Baked Tofu “veg” balls

Jump to recipe “Meatballs” is a very popular and comforting food. It is usually added to spaghetti which the kids absolutely enjoy. This makes it a wholesome dish by bringing in the protein element to the pasta dish. Sometimes a large size ball call be served as an appetizer with embellished tomato sauce on the… Continue reading Baked Tofu “veg” balls

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Stuffed Peppers

Jump to recipe Peppers are a great vehicle to showcase different types of stuffings. It can fall into various cuisines and still keep the pepper as the focal point. Peppers have great aroma and comes with good health benefits. The fresh peppers, harvested in Spring, in a bountiful of colors is the perfect choice for… Continue reading Stuffed Peppers