Mushroom, baby corn and cauliflower in Lettuce cups

VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREEAs we approach warmer weather, light and crisp offerings are preferred for meals. One - it reduces the amount spent in the kitchen since these are easy to prepare in short amount of time. Two - our body wants lighter fare which is easy to digest and is not heavy but… Continue reading Mushroom, baby corn and cauliflower in Lettuce cups


Air fryer spicy breaded French fries + bonus – almond crusted sweet potato home fries

VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE French fries are a universal treat that everyone enjoys. Actually potato has a lot of good nutrients and is truly good for you (in moderation!). Unfortunately potatoes get a lot of bad press due to the frying process …  (frying does take away the goodness….🤷🏻‍♀️).  Now comes the Air Fryer to the… Continue reading Air fryer spicy breaded French fries + bonus – almond crusted sweet potato home fries


Colorful Tofu sliders

These little babies are colorful and so enticing that you will not be able to stop with one or two ….. scrumptious yet light. Make it a big meal with slider buns or keep it simple by just consuming the tiny tofu babies as appetizers. I served them on a thick cut french baguette roundelle… Continue reading Colorful Tofu sliders


Pesto, Beet n broccolini flatbread with harissa dressing

Disclaimer: I do not get any compensation from any products or companies. I just like to share my experiences for friends. Flatbreads are always a quick and easy dinner option. Load it up with any choice of ingredients and you practically have a different dish each time. I particularly like the large pizza size flatizza (angelicBakery)… Continue reading Pesto, Beet n broccolini flatbread with harissa dressing


Baked Taquitos

Taquitos are Mexican appetizers which are small taco size tortillas rolled with some sort of filling inside. It is then flash-fried to a crunchy texture. Often served with salsa, it also goes very well with more substantial guacamole. Today we will make a healthy option of the same - presenting baked taquitos - made with sprouted… Continue reading Baked Taquitos

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Stuffed baby Eggplants

Jump to recipe My maternal grandmother was an amazing cook. She used to make baby eggplants stuffed with freshly hand-pounded spice mixture and fry them to golden in ghee 😆 her affection was shown directly in the amount of ghee used to fry 😋. The exterior of the eggplants were crispy and interiors soft and… Continue reading Stuffed baby Eggplants


Air fryer treats – Paneer Pesto + breaded pineapple

Paneer pesto recipeBreaded Pineapple snack recipe What to name these? Appetizer? Snacks ? Treats ? One thing is for sure - these are both quickies 🙂 ... and can be made in a jiffy :-)) It was one of those days when I was going to use my Air Fryer for an appetizer. While I was… Continue reading Air fryer treats – Paneer Pesto + breaded pineapple

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Special occasion meal 💝

My love for cooking and presenting variety of dishes has always made me plan special occasion meals at home. I will plan a few dishes and keep couple of them really simple and cook a couple of them from scratch. This helps with a big spread but not hours of sweating in the kitchen. Some… Continue reading Special occasion meal 💝


Loaded Nachos with homemade queso

Jump to Recipe There are 3 things I totally enjoy about Super Bowl which just happened last Sunday. 1. The brand new advertisements2. The drinks 3. The appetizers Football does not come anywhere on my list 😆One appetizer which always seems to make its way to the preferred list is Loaded nachos. It is a sure crowd pleaser.… Continue reading Loaded Nachos with homemade queso

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Oven roasted Tortilla chips

Jump to recipe It was yet another cold dreary night and we wanted something really light to go along with our hot soup. My pre-teen son pulled out his ‘kids’ cookbook and found a roasted tortilla chips recipe. Lets make it..... so we modified it 😆 We used corn tortilla, added a liberal sprinkling of… Continue reading Oven roasted Tortilla chips