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Spicy arugula gravy with chickpeas

Start up the InstantPot. Get 2 bunches of greens and some cooked chickpeas. Make a simple gravy using the Immersion blender. This dish can come together in under 30 minutes. After we presented - Creamy chards with crispy cauliflower recipe - which was a huge hit, my mom who is an amazing cook herself prepared the… Continue reading Spicy arugula gravy with chickpeas

Appetizer, Mexican

Seitan n Spinach Rainbow Tacos

Lets enjoy a rainbow for dinner 🌈Multi-colored ingredients, multi-colored taco shells. Simple guacamole to top it all. The filling - Seitan tossed with chipotle seasoning with Green spinach and Yellow roasted cornThe shells - Beautiful tortilla wraps in Beet flavor and Spinach flavor. Our very own humble guacamole; whipped up and we have the entire rainbow… Continue reading Seitan n Spinach Rainbow Tacos

Breakfast, Dessert

Berry Banana squares – GLUTEN-FREE

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE Bananas are the perfect fuel for most kids. As much as kids do consume them regularly, we always have a few over-ripe bananas. These banana berry squares are just a simple variation to humble banana bread. Made with no added sugars - these squares are actually super sweet that they can count as… Continue reading Berry Banana squares – GLUTEN-FREE

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Mushroom n Olives Lasagna (VEGAN)

This one-dish lasagna is super healthy and has a unique flavor with the addition of green olives. Mushrooms and swiss chards round off the veggies and tofu is used as the protein making it a completely VEGAN offering. By using readymade lasagna sauce, the assembling of the dish takes under 30 minutes and just 30 minutes… Continue reading Mushroom n Olives Lasagna (VEGAN)

Indian, Lunch, Dinner and Entrees

Tandoori Cauliflowers in a roasted vegetable sauce

Do you have 10+10 minutes to completely blowaway your brood with this super easy, and extremely delicious dish. I can easily say it was one of the quickest dishes I have made and probably one of the tastiest. We literally ate straight from the pot and did not even plate it. Sorry! No pretty pictures 🤪Follow… Continue reading Tandoori Cauliflowers in a roasted vegetable sauce


Paneer (tofu) pizza

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE It was one of those Fridays when the kids wanted to get pizza. So we picked a new restaurant which was serving fusion offerings. One such flatbread/pizza we tried was paneer pizza. The dish was very simple, flatbread topped with paneer pieces marinated in curry seasoning. The dish was embellished with… Continue reading Paneer (tofu) pizza

Appetizer, Mexican

Corn n Mushroom tostadas

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Tostadas are crisp tortillas which are usually fried and topped with variety of ingredients. It is a flattened, crispy taco or a crunchy flatbread. Deep-frying has never been a preferred method of mine - so I make the tostadas crunchy by toasting them with a drop of oil on a flat… Continue reading Corn n Mushroom tostadas

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Stir-fried veggies in a Ginger broth

A bunch of crisp veggies frolicking in a Gingery broth. Warm and Soothing 😇Grab a bunch of crisp vegetables, bring in tofu or any protein …. this dish is really very simple and easy to prepare but is full of flavor. Get this dish to the dinner table in under 10 minutes. The trick is… Continue reading Stir-fried veggies in a Ginger broth