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Mango orange tea cakes

Teatime is a unique time of the day when we crave for something sweet…. Or something crunchy….. to go with a cup of hot tea flavored with ginger and cardamom…. As the appetizing ginger flavor draws us and as we sip the tea, a bite of a fluffy tea cake is just what is needed to… Continue reading Mango orange tea cakes

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Entrees

Tomato, Olives and Feta Frittata

Sleeping-in on a weekend, waking up, and having a wholesome brunch, is something we love as a family. A very typical brunch selection is a Frittata. A Frittata is nothing but a quiche or a crustless pie made completely with eggs. It is practically a large baked omelette with a crunchy exterior and a fluffy,… Continue reading Tomato, Olives and Feta Frittata


Baked Taquitos

Taquitos are Mexican appetizers which are small taco size tortillas rolled with some sort of filling inside. It is then flash-fried to a crunchy texture. Often served with salsa, it also goes very well with more substantial guacamole. Today we will make a healthy option of the same - presenting baked taquitos - made with sprouted… Continue reading Baked Taquitos

Lunch, Dinner and Entrees

Masala Buns – lunch specials

More lunch favorites coming up 😝As much as we try out and savor a variety of different foods from different cuisines, sometimes we prefer nostalgic foods that are close to our hearts 😍. Similarly, for my kids, their lunch favorites lean towards ‘fusion creations’ using Indian flavors... although they love pastas and pizzas. The spicy… Continue reading Masala Buns – lunch specials


5 days – 5 smoothies

Smoothie (in my opinion) is a blended concoction of a variety of fruits or vegetables with some liquid such as juices and milk along with nuts and seeds. Smoothies are powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins which when prepared with the right combination of ingredients can pactically replace a meal. Relishing a smoothie over an extended… Continue reading 5 days – 5 smoothies


Pistachio Cardamom cookies

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, PEANUT-FREE Recent explosion of ‘nut flours’ has opened up the baking world to lots of options. Some of our favorite ‘new’ flours are almond flour, oat flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour etc. One more addition to our pantry is pistachio flour. This is nothing but pistachio nuts ground to a flour. Comes… Continue reading Pistachio Cardamom cookies

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South Indian Egg curry

Egg curry is usually boiled eggs simmered in an authentic Indian gravy. Some preparations slice the eggs in half and some keep the boiled eggs whole with slits cut into the white part to soak up the curry flavors. There are many variations of the gravy within India, even within the South Indian states there… Continue reading South Indian Egg curry

Flatbreads and Pizzas, Mexican

Personal pan loaded mexican pizza

It was yet another basketball evening to gather in front of the TV. Have I mentioned before about my boys being crazy of bball 🤔 Sunday was going to be the all-star game. A few days earlier, team picks were announced and we decided to play a game. Both my boys had to come up with… Continue reading Personal pan loaded mexican pizza


Apple sauce snack bites

Yet another of my ‘baby’s’ spectacular creation. He found this recipe in his Kids cookbook. Simple to make with simple ingredients available at home. Soft pillow like inside with a light crisp crust. All it needs is flour - we used whole wheat ultra-grain flour, apple sauce, orange juice and flaxmeal to give it the softness.… Continue reading Apple sauce snack bites

Indian, Lunch, Dinner and Entrees

Eggplant and purple yam rice

Wanted to prepare a very mild flavored rice dish that can go well with the robust South Indian kurma. Eggplants are a simple vegetable which can imbibe multitude of flavors and yet prevail in the background of a dish and not take up any front-line space 🤷🏻‍♀️ In order to give this rice a different… Continue reading Eggplant and purple yam rice