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Tikka masala with green Peas & …

UNMEAT Collaboration 


Presenting Nutrosia’s very first collaboration with UNMEAT products 🙏

My blog followers may not be aware that I have thousands of followers on Instagram and I focus a lot on VEGAN Recipes. Furthermore, 90% of my vegetarian dishes are naturally Vegan. As a result, I have a good Vegan following on Instagram. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted on Instagram from the Marketing group for UNMEAT. The request was very simple: they send me samples of their product line and I try them out and share experiences, recipes, etc, on my social media accounts. This was a win-win proposition; I always enjoy trying out new healthy products hitting the market, so I accepted the proposal and got down to getting my creative juices flowing to tackle the UNMEAT products which were going to show up at my door pretty soon! 

Here are the products – Luncheon meat-style, Luncheon burger-style meat, and varieties of Tuna. 

Here is my first recipe for Luncheon meat. 

ALERT – this product is launching with much fanfare at Walmart stores all over USA, so do give it a try. 

The product was in a can, it had the usual can flavor which is typical of all canned foods. 

Here is my verdict – 

👉 The product had a very pretty, light pink color, unlike the dark brown of many non-meat products 

👉 the product had a soft chewy texture 

👉 the product did not have an over-powering taste

👉 the product was mildly salted 

After my initial analysis, I decided that the Luncheon meat is literally a sponge. It can absorb any flavor and that is the perfect vehicle to use in a famous Indian curry. 

So here it is …. Presenting Unmeat tikka masala.

The process …. 

….. I diced up the product into bite-sized cubes and pan-fried them. Then, I sprinkled some salt and red chilly powder. At this stage, the pieces were quite delicious and my kids were popping them into their mouth as is …. 

I have used my own Tikka Masala sauce which I prepare in the InstantPot. Once the sauce is ready, it practically takes 5 minutes for the green peas and diced cubes to absorb the sauce. Serve it with rice or some thick naan. YUMMY!! 

Final Verdict for the dish – very delicious and enjoyed greatly by everyone in our home 🙂 

TIP – It is a processed product, so, as always, I will use it occasionally 

Nevertheless, it is a good non-meat product (with minimal ingredients) to keep in mind if you need to please a hard-core meat eater. 

Upcoming recipe – spicy UNMEAT tuna cutlets

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Tikka masala with green Peas & Luncheon meat …… UNMEAT Collaboration

Presenting nutrosia’s very first collaboration with UNMEAT products 🙏 bite-sized, pan fried luncheon meat and green Peas soaked in homemade Tikka Masala sauce
Cook Time30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Servings: 8


  • Instant Pot



  • Dice the luncheon meat into bite-sized cubes
  • Pan fry them with salt and red chilly powder, drain and set aside
  • Using the InstantPot prepare the Tikka Masala sauce 
    (Feel free to use any store bought sauce if you are pressed for time) 
  • Once the tikka sauce is ready, add the green peas and pan-fried cubes of luncheon meat
  • Let it simmer. For just 2-3 minutes
  • UNMEAT Tikka masala is ready to hit the limelight ! 

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