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Squash and Beet oven fries

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What do you do when you get a bountiful of fresh organic vegetables at your doorstep week after week ? You make fries out of them 🙂 We take part in an initiative called ‘Misfits Market’ that saves visually imperfect organic produce which otherwise gets tossed out and sends it to members like us. For the first 4 weeks, we had no control over the selection and got a variety of fruits and vegetables. We being vegetarians, consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. It was always fun to see what we received and come up with innovative meal plans using them. One such week we received a large size butternut squash, a large spagetti squash and several beets. There are many ways I could utilize each of them, but recently saw someone make fries on TV with a not-so-common-vegetable. I decided to try it out with my selection of vegetables, only difference being, I baked my fries. We cut all 3 vegetables into long strips, seasoned and baked them together. The flavors blended well, although the vegetables themselves might be of different taste and textures. We got some very crispy ones and some not so crispy ones too ! Overall the whole 2 trays of fries were consumed in a matter of 10 minutes as an appetizer. Have I ever mentioned I have 2 growing boys!

Here you go – squash and beet fries. Try them and let me know how fast they went.

Also if you are wondering – “the fries are cut evenly and perfectly” – here is where I give a big shout out to hubby dear whose valuable services I employed to cut them evenly. HINT ! HINT !

While cutting the vegetables, save the seeds, for a simple squash seeds snack – coming in the next POST.

Squash and Beet oven fries recipe

Ingredients –

  • Butternut squash – 1 medium sized
  • Spagetti squash – 1 medium sized
  • Red beets – 2-3 medium sized
  • Olive oil – 3-5 tsps
  • Red chilly powder – 1 tsp (adjust to taste)
  • Salt to taste

Procedure –

  1. Peel and Cut all vegetables into even, long ‘fries’ size (3 inches long)
  2. Sprinkle salt and red chilly powder and olive oil and mix well with finger tips (Remember to wash hands thoroughly !)
  3. Spread in a single layer on baking sheet
  4. Bake at pre-heated oven at 425 degress for 7 minutes
  5. Remove carefully, mix and spread evenly, and bake for 5 minutes
  6. Turn up the heat to broil and crisp for 3-5 minutes

NOTE – all the baking and broiling times have to be adjusted to each individual oven, size and quantity of vegetables.

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