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Mexi-bowls – buffet style

With more and more folks wanting to eat low-carb, we see many dishes which offer alternatives, such as replacing protein with cauliflower, wraps with lettuce and opting for deconstructed burrito bowls.

Present the various layers as a buffet on the kitchen counter and let folks build their own bowls. This is a big kicker for little kids, since they get to choose. Just tell them they have to pick minimum 3 from the buffet !

This works very well in our family too. Our oldest will not touch sour cream or yogurt and our younger son can thrive just on yogurt. My younger one is not fond of spicy food while our older ones loves really spicy offerings, sometimes even spicy for me to handle. Mexibowls are always a big hit and preparing this buffet is quite straightforward.

Build them as layers – there are 2 main layers necessary – a bottom grain layer and a protein layer. Adding a robust vegetable layer is a good choice and bringing in guacamole is always welcome. Post comments on what layers work and dont work ! Waiting for responses !

Layer 1 – Grain layer – use any leftover rice – brown, red, white, quinoa etc. for the bottom layer. Combine this with a can of black beans and half a bottle of salsa. Add a big scoop of chopped cilantro. Make it as spicy as desired. Finish off with a squeeze of lime or lemon.

Layer 2 – Protein layer – stir-fry extra firm tofu with salt and seasoning of choice – I used plain turmeric to give it a rich and inviting color.

Layer 3 – This layer is a pretty basic ‘mexican’ layer of stir-fried onions, combination of peppers and mushrooms with garlic and jalapeno. Season with salt and some taco seasoning.

Layer 4 – This is my favorite layer, pick any combination of vegetables which can hold up to high heat cooking. My choices are hardy vegetables such as corn, squash and zucchini. Cook at high temperature with salt and chilly powder.

Final layer – choices can be guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

Having a jar of homemade apple relish, tempted us to add this on top as a garnish !

Apple Relish recipe – Apple Pepper Relish

Dig in ! Enjoy !!

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