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Kofta Biriyani

In the lovely city of D where we live, we recently had the joy of a new Indian restaurant opening which apparently is also a chain. I dont want to name it, but this restaurant has a menu which runs to pages and has a good set of unique dishes. One particular offering which we love as a family is kofta biriyani. It is a layering of ‘malai kofta’ with rice and (I am sure) oodles of butter. It is definitely an occasional indulgence! 

I was tempted to try it out with my own modifications … as always ! 

To remind folks, a few weeks ago I shared a heirloom family biriyani recipe- 

Mushroom biriyani

Using the same recipe, and utilizing the cabbage power bites as koftas, I tried out a kofta biriyani. 

The verdict – we were overjoyed with the results ! 

Few modifications from the original biriyani recipe – 

First was to use basmati rice. This homemade indulgence had to be our best replication of the restaurant version and so went all the way to ensure it matched. 

Second – I added a pinch of saffron to bring out the shaded colors. 

Third – the kofta needed no marination or cooking in the gravy, instead I cooked the gravy separately with couple of diced potatoes. I just added the kofta at the end. 

Layer the Rice and kofta layer as per the biriyani recipe. Thats all! Your next Sunday special meal is here 🙂 

Use the step by step instructions from this recipe – Mushroom biriyani

For the Rice layer — 

Replace Brown rice with Basmati rice. Add a pinch of saffron before cooking. 

For the Kofta layer —

Make the paste, add a couple of diced potatoes and cook it standalone. Add yogurt at the end since there is no marination required. Add the cabbage kofta at the end and let it sink in the cooked gravy. 

Layer the Rice and kofta layer as per the biriyani recipe. 

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