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Broccoli potato soup perfumed with Fennel

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It was one those very cold days due to the heavy snow storms in the Midwest and Northeast. I am so done with winter, I hate the cold. In fact I was so done with winter in November itself 🤪 that is how much I hate the cold. No matter how thick my sweaters are, I am always freezing. My extremities are always cold. In order to feel warm and cozy, the best thing is a hot steamy bowl of soup 😛 or hot chocolate … but lets talk dinner now !!!

I always love broccoli cheddar soup from all the ‘bread’ restaurants! 

Here we are combining broccoli with potato, but adding a twist by perfuming it with fennel. Fennel has a licorice sweet smell which is very appetizing and practically acts as a room spray ! 

👉 Broccoli is a very nutritious vegetable which works very well in soups. 

👍 By combining it with potato we make it a wholesome meal. 

👌 By bringing in fennel, the flavor of the soup is intensified and very unique, not usually presented with broccoli and potato.

👏 By making it in the Instant pot, it is quick and all the nutrients are preserved and flavor packed. 

There is very little to do here, saute some garlic, add fennel and sauté to release the aroma. Add chopped broccoli and potato and cook with Vegetable broth. I always use organic, low sodium broth. Once cooked, mash it coarsely with a potato masher or make a smooth soup with an immersion blender, depends on how chunky you like your soup. Finally add milk and bring it to a low boil. 

Serve with oven-roasted seasoned tortilla chips which is really easy to put together…. even by my pre-teen 😉

Broccoli Potato Fennel soup recipe

Ingredients –

  • Chopped broccoli 4 cups 
  • Chopped potatoes 2 cups 
  • Fennel bulb chopped 1
  • Garlic pods chopped 4
  • Plain flour 1 tbsp 
  • Vegetable broth 2 cups 
  • Plain milk 2 cups 

Procedure –

  1. Start the instant pot on saute mode, add garlic and fennel and give it a stir
  2. Add the broccoli, potato and sprinkle the flour, mix to coat
  3. Add the broth and season with salt
  4. Cook with pressure for 8 minutes 
  5. Let it cool for 10 minutes before releasing pressure 
  6. Open carefully, add the warmed milk and mix very well
  7. Put lid on and without pressure cook for 4 mins to slow boil 
  8. Before serving sprinkle fresh cracked pepper 
  9. Serve with oven roasted tortilla chips 

1 thought on “Broccoli potato soup perfumed with Fennel”

  1. This is a thick and creamy soup with potato and broccoli that you’d swear has a bucket of cream in it, but it doesn’t have a single drop. It’s hearty, comforting, tastes rich and indulgent but is in fact very healthy for a VERY big bowl!

    It’s one of those recipes that I classify as “accidentally healthy” – I haven’t done anything to reduce calories and thereby compromise on taste. It just happens to have a sensible calorie count for a generous size serving that is satisfying to have as a meal in itself. And it satisfies your cravings on a cold winter day!

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