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Berry Banana squares – GLUTEN-FREE

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE Bananas are the perfect fuel for most kids. As much as kids do consume them regularly, we always have a few over-ripe bananas. These banana berry squares are just a simple variation to humble banana bread. Made with no added sugars - these squares are actually super sweet that they can count as… Continue reading Berry Banana squares – GLUTEN-FREE

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Special occasion meal 💝

My love for cooking and presenting variety of dishes has always made me plan special occasion meals at home. I will plan a few dishes and keep couple of them really simple and cook a couple of them from scratch. This helps with a big spread but not hours of sweating in the kitchen. Some… Continue reading Special occasion meal 💝

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Amaretto cookies (just 5 main ingredients)

Jump to Recipe Card This cookie has become a signature indulgence offering in our home. My brother simply loves these cookies and I can see his facial expressions coming alive as I begin to write this recipe. Whenever he visits us, he is always looking for the sweet treats in our pantry and I always… Continue reading Amaretto cookies (just 5 main ingredients)