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Silky Sweet Potato noodles tossed in a sesame dressing

with Broccolli, carrots and mushrooms VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Recently, I saw a vegan Instagram buddy of mine post a gorgeous video of sweet potato noodles. The noodles were flat, glassy, and almost transparent. The video showed the noodles oozing with goodness and slipping between chopsticks. I was drooling all over just watching the video,… Continue reading Silky Sweet Potato noodles tossed in a sesame dressing

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Baked Cauliflower n Broccoli manchurian in sauce

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Cauliflower Manchurian was a hot favorite appetizer at Chinese restaurants while growing up in India. I truly don’t know if such a dish actually exists in China 🤷🏻‍♀️ This dish takes florets of cauliflower; coats it with aromatics such as onions, garlic and fresh green chillies; dredges it in corn flour… Continue reading Baked Cauliflower n Broccoli manchurian in sauce

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Easy Tacos with UNMEAT Burger Style ‘meat’

UNMEAT collaboration VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE Here is our 3rd presentation of one more UNMEAT product - Burger Style meat. This product was edible right out of the can and tasted quite delicious. It was more chewy than the Luncheon style and much better suited for a Taco.  It was a Tuesday night and what better… Continue reading Easy Tacos with UNMEAT Burger Style ‘meat’


VEGAN Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Here is an easy appetizer which is also a crowd pleaser. We love mushrooms in our house. Use good hardy mushrooms such as cremini or baby Bellas. You could also do this recipe with large portobello mushrooms and serve it as a side.  This dish is cheesy and full of flavor,… Continue reading VEGAN Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms


Chickpea kabobs – grilled, baked and pan-fried

VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Our Thanksgiving or ‘friendsgiving' (as we celebrate it with friends) is always a big feast hosted in our home. The spread is completely vegetarian mostly vegan infact!  One of the appetizers I prepared from scratch this year was chickpea kabobs. Chickpea is one of the tastiest dried beans. It is super… Continue reading Chickpea kabobs – grilled, baked and pan-fried

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Moroccon Couscous soup

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE We are enjoying the last days of Winter weather.... Rather waiting for beautiful Spring weather 😆 I do not enjoy cold, my favorite seasons are Spring and Fall.  Nevertheless, the best way to embrace cold weather is by consuming a hot bowl of soup. We love one-pot soups in our home… Continue reading Moroccon Couscous soup


Tuna cutlets – VEGAN and BAKED!

UNMEAT Collaboration VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE Continuing on my journey of trying out UNMEAT products, the next product to experiment is Tuna flakes. I used the one packed in water and salted.  I have heard a lot about Tuna cutlets made Indian style but have never tasted them myself. Vegetable cutlets in India are a very… Continue reading Tuna cutlets – VEGAN and BAKED!

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Weeknight 7-ingredient stir-fry noodles

VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE With plenty of holiday eating and festivities, we always need comforting foods to keep us going the rest of the non-partying days. 😆 Here is a easy stir-fry with simple rice noodles. This dish has a total of 7 ingredients with the main taste factor being crunchy purple cabbage.  Onions, jalapeño, purple… Continue reading Weeknight 7-ingredient stir-fry noodles

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3 3 3 Taco

3 Layer Taco with 3 ingredients in each layer VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Dinner time can be easy and fun even on a week night. Today’s quick post is highlighting exactly that. These tacos were a weeknight dinner that was put together within 30 minutes. It turned out so festive and delicious that I felt… Continue reading 3 3 3 Taco

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Street Foods of India – Episode 4

Mumbai special - Pav Bhaji VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Presenting episode 4 of my Street Foods series - Pav Bhaji - Mumbai street food special.  This dish is super delicious and very fulfilling. It can be made healthy with the addition of plenty of veggies and going very low on fats and oils.  On the… Continue reading Street Foods of India – Episode 4