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Red cabbage, mushroom and triple bean Taco with Avocado foam

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It was one of those days when I did not have a plan for dinner. So walked up to my fridge and opened it for ideas. I saw a whole red cabbage – decided to make it the center piece for dinner. Next there were 2 shriveled up orange beets, lets incorporate this one too. Finally a huge box of fresh mushrooms. We love mushrooms and adding mushrooms adds ‘meat’ to any dish. Bring in triple beans – mix of red beans, black beans and kidney beans – to complete the protein component.

In one of my doctor’s offices, I remember seeing a poster – ‘How many colors of the rainbow did you consume today ?’. It was a captivating and colorful poster and I always remember it when I go grocery shopping for produce. The color violet always stumps me, the choices are very limited – eggplant, purple cauliflower (which is quite rare), radicchio and purple cabbage. Anything else ? So every few weeks I try to remember to add a ‘violet’ to my produce list. So thats how …. I have purple cabbage waiting to be consumed !

Taco is a welcome option in our home and many vegetables can be disguised easily and the kids dont complain. The ‘tortilla’ vehicle ‘hides’ everything (SHHH!) 😛

Tortilla choices picked for this taco are Turmeric Sweet potato and Kale Spinach.

By preparing an avocado foam which goes as a topping in the taco, we completely eliminate using any cheese. By all means incorporate cheese, if you miss it !

The purple cabbage must be added at the final stir-fry process and kept crisp. It just needs to wilt a bit. Over cooking purple cabbage makes it mushy !!

Get all the vegetables prepped and ready before starting the cooking process.

Heat a big stirfry pan on high heat and add ingredients one by one. This process is very quick and takes under 10 mins once all the vegetables are chopped and ready.

Follow the step by step pictures.

This is a very unique combination of vegetables providing a distinct taste and texture. Experiment it !

Red Cabbage, Mushroom and Triple bean taco recipe

Ingredients –

  • Tortilla 12 total (I used 2 types)
    • For Taco filling –
    • Onion – sliced 1 large
    • Green pepper – sliced 1
    • Orange beets – shredded 2 small
    • Mushrooms 20
    • Red Cabbage – shredded 4 cups
    • Garlic – chopped 3-4 pods
    • Green chillies – chopped 3-4
    • Mixed beans 1 can
    • Taco seasoning 1 tbsp
    • Cilantro for garnish
    • Salt
  • For Avocado foam – makes 2 cups
    • Avocado (not too ripe) 2
    • Sour cream 2 tbsps
    • Cilantro 2 tbsps
    • Garlic 2 pods
    • Jalapeno 1
    • Salt

Procedure –

  1. Begin by prepping all the vegetables
  2. Heat a large stir-fry pan on high heat add 2 tbsps oil.
  3. First add garlic and chillies and give it a fry.
  4. Next add chopped onions and fry for 2 mins, you will get good roasting aroma.
  5. Next add chopped green peppers and fry for 1 min.
  6. Next add chopped mushrooms and fry for 3 mins.
  7. Next add shredded beets and fry for 1 min.
  8. Next add the drained mixed beans, add salt to taste and add the taco seasoning.
  9. Stirfry very well.
  10. Finally add the red cabbage and stirfry for 2 minutes and turn off the heat.
  11. The filling is ready.

For the Avocado foam –

Blend all the ingredients to a smooth paste, do not add any water. Season with salt. The texture should look like whipped foam.

Assembling the Taco –

  1. First toast the tortilla on an open flame, this gives it a nice charred taste.
  2. Next layer the filling in the middle 1/3 area.
  3. Spread the foam on top of the filling.
  4. Wrap the taco and serve ! Folks can add more avocado foam as needed.

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