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Indian Korma with Bean soup mix (no soak)

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After all the Holiday goodies and treats, lets indulge in some homely comfort food which does not require a lot of work or attention.

Grocery stores nowadays offer a lot of bulk bin items at very reasonable prices. This allows us to pickup only the quantity we want and not necessarily stock them at home. One such item is the bean soup mix which come in a variety of combinations. I have seen 7 bean, 9 bean and even 15 bean. Pick a combination that you like, making sure it has hardy beans like red beans, black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans etc. This recipe requires NO OVERNIGHT SOAKING… how cool is that 😉 

Korma is an Indian gravy which is spicy and tangy, the tang is provided by adding beaten yogurt. This recipe is practically 1, 2, 3 – blend the gravy with all raw ingredients and spices in a blender. Stack up the InstantPot with seasoning, gravy and dry beans – DONE ! I bring in 2 of my favorite ‘secret’ ingredients to make the gravy well rounded and robust – baby carrot and almonds.  I also use fresh turmeric root to add a rich color and good nutrients. 

Final step is to add the yogurt and let it soak up in the cooked gravy along with the beans. This is such an easy recipe that it can be started after a long work day and while you relax with your favorite beverage this dish will be ready with no ‘babysitting’. 

Give it an hour to do its magic 🙂 

Bean mix Kurma recipe

Ingredients –

For the Gravy – 

  • Onion    1 large 
  • Tomato 1 large 
  • Baby Carrot 3
  • Ginger root 2 inch piece
  • Fresh turmeric root 2 inch piece 
  • Garlic 2 pods 
  • Green chillies 6
  • Cilantro 2 tbsps 
  • Slivered almonds 1 tbsp

Dry spices – 

Fennel – 1 tsp, Coriander seeds – 1 tsp, Cumin seeds – 1 tsp, Black pepper – 1/2 tsp, Cinnamon – 3 sticks, cardamon – 3 

  • Bean soup mix (dry)  2 cups 
  • Potato (optional) 2 diced 
  • Beaten yogurt 1.5 cups 

For seasoning – 

  • Vegetable oil (I use avocado oil) 1 tbsp 
  • Cumin seeds 1 tsp 

Procedure –

  1. Take the bean mix in a mixing bowl and submerge it in 2 cups of hot boiling water. 
  2. Meanwhile blend together with 1 cup water the ingredients for the gravy along with the dry spices listed. Blend to a smooth paste. 
  3. Start the Instantpot on Saute mode – add the seasoning ingredients – 1 tbsp oil and cumin seeds, fry to golden color about 2 mins. 
  4. Add the blended gravy, add salt.
  5. Add the bean mix along with the hot water. (Add potato here if using) 
  6. Mix completely and set to COOK for 45 minutes. 
  7. Once timer is done, let it cool down naturally for minimum 20 minutes. 
  8. Open carefully, check if water is necessary and add as needed. Now add the yogurt and mix thoroughly. 
  9. Put back the lid and let all the flavors absorb and blend for 10 minutes. 
  10. Serve with hot rice or rotis. 

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