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Indian curries in Instant pot

Have you always wanted to try out Indian curries and gravies but was daunted by the zillion steps. By using the Instant Pot many of those steps can be compressed and combined to get you the same taste and flavor of traditional Indian dishes.

Do you have kids who are going to college ? Maybe its a good idea to send them with an InstantPot. Here’s a list of Indian recipes to start them off with 😄

Presenting 10 of my top Indian curries – pulses and greens are an amazing combination and more than 5 of them fall into that category. Try all of them and as usual tell me all about your experiences.

Coming next – a compilation of InstantPot soups. 🍜

Pulses and Greens –

  1. Kale Tofu in InstantPot- spinoff on Palak paneer
  2. Peppery and garlicky whole pink lentils with roasted red cabbage
  3. Kale Kidney beans (rajma) in InstantPot
  4. Black-eye peas with Collard greens
  5. Spicy collard greens – in InstantPot
  6. Adzuki beans with double chards – Adraki chori dal saag

Mixed vegetable curries –

  1. South Indian mixed vegetable kurma
  2. Indian Korma with Bean soup mix (no soak)
  3. Herbaceous Kidney beans – Hariyali Rajma
  4. Dal Bukhara

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  1. Very helpful. I never thought cooking is so simple until I have followed “nutrosia”.

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