Baked Beignets rolled in Nutella sauce

Jump to recipeJump to recipe card Beignets are soft, fluffy pastry balls rolled in powdered sugar and are very famous in New Orleans. They are available in a variety of shapes and forms with embellishments practically in every street corner. The pastry balls are deep fried and will only qualify for an occasional treat. After our… Continue reading Baked Beignets rolled in Nutella sauce

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Cabbage Power bites – teatime snack

Jump to recipe There are many a day when we crave for something crunchy, something salty and spicy to enjoy along with hot masala tea or a cup of coffee… this craving usually hits in the afternoon right around 3 pm. Tiffin time !! We go about rummaging our pantry to look for that snack,… Continue reading Cabbage Power bites – teatime snack

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Indian Korma with Bean soup mix (no soak)

Jump to recipe After all the Holiday goodies and treats, lets indulge in some homely comfort food which does not require a lot of work or attention. Grocery stores nowadays offer a lot of bulk bin items at very reasonable prices. This allows us to pickup only the quantity we want and not necessarily stock… Continue reading Indian Korma with Bean soup mix (no soak)