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Instant Oats Uttapam

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I was so thrilled with the success of one of my earlier post – Red Poha Uttapam – that I had to try something similar with Oats. I tried Oats Uttapam. Same concept – no grinding, no fermenting ! I have to say I was quite pleased. 

Lets face it nothing is as tasty as rice, PERIOD ! In this case it was poha which is nothing but beaten rice. The crispy Poha uttapam was simply divine. Oats Uttapam was a little different in texture but still stood its own 🙂 

The recipe is quite similar to the previous one, except this time I soaked the oats in very runny buttermilk. Let it sit for 10 mins and all of the liquid will get absorbed. I added a few other ingredients – one: to act as a binder and two: to provide crispness. I added chickpea flour or besan for the binder and semolina or rava for crispness. I generally stay away from white rava since it is empty carbs and does not have any whole grain content. In this case I only added a few spoonfuls to bring in the crunch factor, so nothing to feel guilty about. 

Season the batter with onions, curry leaves, green chillies, ginger etc. Go over the top with the toppings 😝

To make it more appealing, I sprinkled cheese on few of them while frying and that was a big hit with my boys 😉

Just before making the Uttapam, sprinkle a spoon of baking soda and mix lightly. This gives the uttapam a porous texture which usually is achieved by fermenting for hours. 

To make the uttapam, keep them thick like pancakes. Drop a ladleful and slightly pat them to flatten. Cook on both sides. 

This batter can be prepared instantly since this needs no grinding or fermenting. The batter is ready to make Uttapam in 30 minutes….. give or take ! 

Instant Oats Uttapam recipe

Ingredients –

  • Steel cut oats 3 cups 
  • Rice flour 1 cup 
  • Chickpea flour 2 tbsps 
  • Semolina 2 tbsps 
  • Baking soda 1 tsp 
  • Watery buttermilk 2 cups 

Toppings – 

Onions, curry leaves, green chillies, ginger – chopped or shredded 

Procedure –

  1. Mix the oats with the 3 powders – rice flour, semolina and chickpea flour. Season with salt. 
  2. Add the buttermilk, mix well and set aside for 10 mins. 
  3. Add all the topping ingredients, add 1-2 cups of water and mix well to a batter consistency. 
  4. Heat a flat griddle and season with sesame oil. 
  5. Drop ladleful of batter like a pancake and tap lightly to flatten. Drizzle oil around it to fry. 
  6. Cook on both sides until desired crispness is obtained. 
  7. Serve with Gothsu !

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