Oat VEGAN balls

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Meatballs or ‘vegballs' are an extremely versatile ‘keep at hand’ food item that can be re-purposed in a variety of ways. It can be served as-is as an appetizer. Or, top it off on a hardy, pasta dish. Both creamy pastas and saucy spaghetti can take a good vegball mixed in.… Continue reading Oat VEGAN balls


Oats pancakes with purple cabbage

These oats pancakes are gorgeous to the eye and even better on our taste buds 😇 the addition of purple cabbage enhances the visual appeal. The batter can be mixed in 5 minutes and let to soak for just 20 minutes before you begin frying these beauties. Rolled oats are mixed with spelt flour and runny buttermilk.… Continue reading Oats pancakes with purple cabbage

Indian, Lunch, Dinner and Entrees

Instant Oats Uttapam

Jump to recipe I was so thrilled with the success of one of my earlier post - Red Poha Uttapam - that I had to try something similar with Oats. I tried Oats Uttapam. Same concept - no grinding, no fermenting ! I have to say I was quite pleased. Lets face it nothing is as… Continue reading Instant Oats Uttapam

Cookies, Dessert

PBJ cookies – Peanut cookie with Jam thumb print

Jump to recipe card Peanut butter and Jelly or Jam is classic comfort food which most kids enjoy. It is easy to put together even by kids and probably one of the first ‘cooking’ experience we introduced to our kids. Do you want to make your own lunch today ? How about PBJ 🙂 We… Continue reading PBJ cookies – Peanut cookie with Jam thumb print


Oats and Broken Wheat idli

Jump to recipe Idlis are steamed rice cakes which is prepared with fermented batter and a healthy staple in South India. Traditional idli calls for grinding parboiled rice and urad dhall and the batter is fermented overnight. Recently the simple idli has been taking many different ‘avataars’. One such experiment has been with Oats. Oats… Continue reading Oats and Broken Wheat idli