Parfait – My Favorite Indulgence

Parfait is easily one of our favorite snack, dessert, ‘pick-me-up’ treat – call it all of the above. It is fun to put together; extremely satisfying with the various layers; obviously healthy and above all absolutely delicious 😇

Recently I was pleasantly surprised by a incident on Instagram. A person reached out to me and said I had won something. I NEVER WIN ANYTHING…. so I assumed it is yet another ‘scam’. This person contacted me in more than 1 way, through other IGers too…. I was completely awed by the sheer dedication this person has for her products. Anyway, I accepted the gift and a gorgeous hamper arrived at my doorstep.

What was it? ….. …… Granola!

As the name clearly says – it is definitely one of the cleanest and tastiest granolas. They use non-gmo ingredients, use slow roasting process and natural sweeteners. Is there anything else to add? Needless to say this granola is becoming a household name in our home.

Tip- grab a handful of this granola with afternoon tea, it absolutely satisfies that snack craving time 🤗

So my 12 year old wanted an after-school snack and these granola bags were out on the kitchen counter. VOILA – he builds himself a Parfait. Just look at the gorgeous layers – dont you want to grab it straight.

Parfait is really simple to put together – take a tall dessert glass –

  • Start with yogurt – Oat yogurt work very well
  • Drizzle some honey or maple syrup
  • Next add a fruit layer – berries are the best for parfait
  • Add plenty of granola to fill up 2/3 of the cup
  • Now repeat the yogurt, honey and fruit layer


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