Parfait – My Favorite Indulgence

Parfait is easily one of our favorite snack, dessert, 'pick-me-up' treat - call it all of the above. It is fun to put together; extremely satisfying with the various layers; obviously healthy and above all absolutely delicious 😇 Recently I was pleasantly surprised by a incident on Instagram. A person reached out to me and… Continue reading Parfait – My Favorite Indulgence


Mango Marmalade squares

This post is right on time for Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day has become too predictable with chocolates and strawberries 🍓🍫 Oh well, although one can never go wrong with chocolates and strawberries ….. why not try something different this year ? A fruity, tangy and a bit bitter … totally an adult dessert 😍 don’t worry kids… Continue reading Mango Marmalade squares

Cookies, Dessert

Rolled Oats Raisin Ginger cookie with Honey

Jump to recipe What makes Oatmeal Raisin cookie the quintessential cookie ? The classic cookie ? ….. which appeals to young and old…...Maybe because it is Chewy ? Crispy ? Delicately Sweet ? All of the above :-)We have attempted many a recipe and somehow never landed upon the perfect one, the one you want… Continue reading Rolled Oats Raisin Ginger cookie with Honey