Berry Bread pudding

Here is one easy dessert right in time for the Holidays. Brand New and very comforting. This Berry Bread pudding can be put together in under 10 minutes and while it bakes you can get going with other Holiday preparations. This dessert is the humble Bread pudding enhanced with bountiful berries and topped with slivered almonds.… Continue reading Berry Bread pudding

Appetizer, Sides and Snacks

Almond crusted Cauliflowers

Dinner time on weekdays can be stressful. Finishing up work, kids pickup + drop-off, sports, homework etc. etc. There are many nights when our dinners are put together spontaneously with leftovers. One thing that I thoroughly enjoy is to rummage my fridge for leftover foods that can be salvaged and made into something new. Put… Continue reading Almond crusted Cauliflowers