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Kale basil pulav

This dish is very simple and takes 10 minutes to put together. You will be surprised by the combination of mild basil along with kale. Pair this rice dish with a spicy curry to round off a complete meal. The leading flavor profile in this rice dish is only fresh Basil leaves. Basil is heavily used… Continue reading Kale basil pulav

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Spicy collard greens – in InstantPot

Jump to recipe Collard greens is a vegetable with flat broad leaves and dark green color. Collard greens are very popular in southern states of USA and are often cooked for New Years day to bring good luck. Collards are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Collards do not fall into typical greens category like spinach,… Continue reading Spicy collard greens – in InstantPot

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Creamy corn on toast

Jump to recipe During my school and college days, we as a family used to go to a restaurant in Chennai India which had an eclectic selection of dishes. It was by the beach and was a quaint little place. It was not in the happening part of the city but was quite popular based… Continue reading Creamy corn on toast