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Kale mushroom quesadilla

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Kale is one of the hardiest leafy greens. Some varieties like dinosaur kale are really tough. This is one of the reasons why kale can be cooked well and does not wilt quickly like most greens. This is also the same reason why I am not a fan of kale salad.… Continue reading Kale mushroom quesadilla

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Verde Enchilada – VEGAN

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE We can easily and quickly prepare fresh meals at home by utilizing many of the ready-to-use products available in the market. Today the availability of food staples with clean ingredients has exploded beyond measure and it's a good sign. I am showcasing a couple of those ingredients and assembling an amazing… Continue reading Verde Enchilada – VEGAN

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Kale basil pulav

This dish is very simple and takes 10 minutes to put together. You will be surprised by the combination of mild basil along with kale. Pair this rice dish with a spicy curry to round off a complete meal. The leading flavor profile in this rice dish is only fresh Basil leaves. Basil is heavily used… Continue reading Kale basil pulav

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Minty, spicy and creamy Fusilli pasta with Kale and Carrots

Jump to recipe We love Pasta dishes where all the food groups are combined. This dish is one such preparation. Whole wheat fusilli is combined with kale and carrots in a smooth creamy sauce. Perfumed with freshly chopped mint leaves. Spice it up with a habenaro or keep it simple. This dish can be enjoyed… Continue reading Minty, spicy and creamy Fusilli pasta with Kale and Carrots

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Kale Tofu in InstantPot- spinoff on Palak paneer

Jump to recipe On a cold winter night, dipping your roti or naan into a piping hot curry and scooping out 'goodness' and relishing it.... the feeling is comforting and warming. On those nights when you just want something homemade and simple but yet nourishing. Food which will entice everyone in the house. One popular… Continue reading Kale Tofu in InstantPot- spinoff on Palak paneer