Breakfast, Dessert

Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

Jump to recipe Jump to recipe card Brownie is a square piece of baked indulgence. Brownies can be made with chocolate or can be plain; with nuts or chocolate chips… the possibilities are endless. Brownies are typically enjoyed with  ice cream as a “brownie a la mode”, which starts off with a warm brownie, topped with… Continue reading Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝


Millets sweet pudding (Thinai and Varagu chakkara pongal)

Jump to recipe What are millets ? Millets are these tiny powerhouse grains also called as small grains because of their appearance compared to rice grains. We attempt to include more whole grains in our diet and millets offer a variety to choose from. In fact there are 6 known millet varieties readily available in… Continue reading Millets sweet pudding (Thinai and Varagu chakkara pongal)

Dips, Chutneys and Spreads

Apple Pepper Relish

Jump to recipe Our apple picking excursion in North Georgia was a fun experience, exploring a variety of apples. It got us thinking about different ways apple can be incorporated in everyday foods besides eating as a fruit.Here is the second item from our apple offerings: Apple Pepper Relish.A relish is a sweet and spicy… Continue reading Apple Pepper Relish

Breakfast, Dips, Chutneys and Spreads

Homemade Nutella (no added sugar)

All kids love Nutella. The rich creamy texture and taste is very appetizing. However typical store bought Nutella has a lot of added sugar not to mention other chemicals. In our pursuit to avoid added sugars, we went about creating our own Nutella. This has allowed us guilt-free indulgence, spreading loads on everything we fancy… Continue reading Homemade Nutella (no added sugar)