Baked Beignets rolled in Nutella sauce

Jump to recipeJump to recipe card Beignets are soft, fluffy pastry balls rolled in powdered sugar and are very famous in New Orleans. They are available in a variety of shapes and forms with embellishments practically in every street corner. The pastry balls are deep fried and will only qualify for an occasional treat. After our… Continue reading Baked Beignets rolled in Nutella sauce

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Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

Jump to recipe Jump to recipe card Brownie is a square piece of baked indulgence. Brownies can be made with chocolate or can be plain; with nuts or chocolate chips… the possibilities are endless. Brownies are typically enjoyed with  ice cream as a “brownie a la mode”, which starts off with a warm brownie, topped with… Continue reading Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

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English Muffins – 2 ways for breakfast

Jump to recipe English muffins – what are they called in England ? Muffins ?? 🤔Nope ! American Muffins 🙂 Apparently a baker who moved to New York from Britain originally created these cuties, so they were invented in USA ! But he chose to call them English muffins !English muffins are these soft yet… Continue reading English Muffins – 2 ways for breakfast

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Simple and Sweet Pumpkin bread

Jump to recipe Cometh Fall…. Cometh Pumpkins ……Fall brings its unique bounty of fruits and flavors. The humble Pumpkin. What makes Pumpkin so appealing in many desserts – the lovely color, fruit like properties, neutral taste and the ability to absorb flavors like a sponge. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin casserole, pumpkin souffle and simple n sweet… Continue reading Simple and Sweet Pumpkin bread