Sesame Teatime cookies

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE These cookies are my adaptation of the famous Tahini cookies. This recipe has only 7 ingredients and takes 30 minutes total. These cookies are very mildly sweetened, have a very distinct sesame flavor, and are also covered completely in sesame seeds. It pairs perfectly with afternoon Chai. They have equal taste… Continue reading Sesame Teatime cookies


Chocolate dipped Orange slices

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Oven-dried Orange slices dipped in decadent chocolate. They require only 3 ingredients and they're incredibly delicious. You will not be able to stop with eating just one; GUARANTEED! At the offset, don’t be dissuaded thinking this will be a very difficult treat to make; we were skeptical too…. Honestly, this is… Continue reading Chocolate dipped Orange slices


Chocolate bread pudding The making of Chocolate bread pudding A very simple dessert that puts a smile on everyone’s face is bread pudding. This simple recipe is completely vegan and made with oat milk. It was juicy and the edges were crunchy and extremely satisfying. The flavor profiles used were cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and few strands of… Continue reading Chocolate bread pudding


Millets sweet pudding (Thinai and Varagu chakkara pongal)

Jump to recipe What are millets ? Millets are these tiny powerhouse grains also called as small grains because of their appearance compared to rice grains. We attempt to include more whole grains in our diet and millets offer a variety to choose from. In fact there are 6 known millet varieties readily available in… Continue reading Millets sweet pudding (Thinai and Varagu chakkara pongal)


Lavender infused Coconut milk pudding

Jump to recipe (An attempt to improvise authentic Srilankan dish Watalappam)Srilankan cuisine has some very unique dishes which are authentic to that country and is not found in many other cuisines. One such dessert is ‘watalappam’. This dessert combines the flavors of traditional south-asian spices such as cardamom and nutmeg with western dessert staple eggs… Continue reading Lavender infused Coconut milk pudding