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Turmeric cabbage pancakes

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE This past weekend I did a lot of spring vegetable plantings. Some of the veggies are tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. As I was walking in my garden one evening, admiring my tiny little plants, it started to drizzle. I stayed around for a few more minutes enjoying the drops of spring… Continue reading Turmeric cabbage pancakes


Zucchini whole grain muffins

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE One vegetable that is a summer blessing is zucchini. It is available in plentiful and can be used in many ways. Zucchini muffins are very easy to bake and goes well as a breakfast item or as a side to robust soups. I used whole wheat flour along with spelt flour to make… Continue reading Zucchini whole grain muffins


Welcome the weekend with Buttermilk Biscuits

Jump to recipe It was a lazy Saturday morning and all of us had slept in. As the brood assembled in the kitchen for breakfast, my younger son who is an avid baker started off by looking through his cookery book for breakfast options. He hit upon a simple biscuit recipe. So we started to… Continue reading Welcome the weekend with Buttermilk Biscuits

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Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

Jump to recipe Jump to recipe card Brownie is a square piece of baked indulgence. Brownies can be made with chocolate or can be plain; with nuts or chocolate chips… the possibilities are endless. Brownies are typically enjoyed with  ice cream as a “brownie a la mode”, which starts off with a warm brownie, topped with… Continue reading Lets eat Brownies for breakfast 🤔😇😝

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Rolled Oats Raisin Ginger cookie with Honey

Jump to recipe What makes Oatmeal Raisin cookie the quintessential cookie ? The classic cookie ? ….. which appeals to young and old…...Maybe because it is Chewy ? Crispy ? Delicately Sweet ? All of the above :-)We have attempted many a recipe and somehow never landed upon the perfect one, the one you want… Continue reading Rolled Oats Raisin Ginger cookie with Honey

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Whole Grain Rava dosa

Jump to recipe Rava Dosa is a delicacy in South India. It is a very crisp, thin and porous crepe. Rava dosa is a mixture of 3 components – White Rava or sooji, Rice flour and All purpose flour or Maida – all 3 ingredients come under ‘white’ carbs. So I set out to transform… Continue reading Whole Grain Rava dosa