Asparagus Zucchini soup

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Soup is probably not an option that we instantly pick for a hot summer night..... .......Nonetheless, soup is still very comforting and easy to pull together when you want something light for dinner on sweltering days.  This soup is just perfect for summer; it is comforting, extremely easy to prepare, and… Continue reading Asparagus Zucchini soup

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Orzo ‘fried’ rice with Asparagus

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE Here is a gorgeous fusion recipe mixing Asian flavors with Italian pasta.  It was nutty, smoky and crunchy - the whole wheat orzo’s chewy texture and crisp stir-fried asparagus married so well.  Orzo is one pasta which always baffled me, it is not like regular pasta which has nooks and crevices to… Continue reading Orzo ‘fried’ rice with Asparagus

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Asparagus Parsley soup – VEGAN

As we all enter 2022 with a fresh set of hopes and goals, one goal is to eat healthy and stay healthy. This probably is even more relevant in the recent times due to all the havoc the pandemic has wreaked. I am sure everyone enjoyed celebrations over the past couple of months thoroughly with plenty… Continue reading Asparagus Parsley soup – VEGAN

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Cabbage asparagus rice

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE A weeknight meal typically calls for something very satisfying and easy to put together. Our family has always turned towards simple rice dishes that just hit the spot and are homely, comforting meals. We can make it special by adding a big side or keep it simple with a side salad. This… Continue reading Cabbage asparagus rice