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Soups in Instant Pot

As we all get settled into school routines, some of us are probably sending kids to college dormitories…. with the InstantPot on hand 😆 …….For those kids who like to venture into cooking their own food, the Instant Pot is a versatile kitchen gadget which is easy to use and very handy for quick one-pot meals.

Here is a compilation of one-pot Instant Pot soups –

  1. Miso broth soup with broccoli
  2. Coconut Milk soup
  3. Mushroom barley soup with Swiss chards
  4. Roasted Fennel Tomato soup
  5. Broccoli potato soup perfumed with Fennel
  6. Carrot, tomato soup with orzo pasta – enriched with fresh turmeric root and ginger
  7. Wholesome Barley Kale soup
  8. Curried Lentil soup

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