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Spring vegetables chickpea pasta

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE The best part of Spring and early Summer is the beautiful bounty of vegetables that begin to sprout. I love to see cute little Zucchinis, squash, variety of colorful baby carrots etc. Today’s pasta dish is extremely easy and versatile..... a celebration of Spring! Take your pick of spring vegetables to… Continue reading Spring vegetables chickpea pasta

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Carrot, tomato soup with orzo pasta – enriched with fresh turmeric root and ginger

Jump to recipe We all need to eat to live 🤷🏻‍♂️ but we believe we live to eat 🤪Some weekday nights, all we need is something simple, something that provides nutrition, is not fussy and just food to keep us going ! Such nights seem to come around quite often on cold winter nights, when everything… Continue reading Carrot, tomato soup with orzo pasta – enriched with fresh turmeric root and ginger

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Apple Carrot chutney ‘thogayal’

Jump to recipe Apples, apples, everywhere…… what next, shall I prepare ???We are dreaming apples – red, pink and golden. Today decided to try out a very traditional South Indian offering with golden apples. ‘Thogayal’ is a form of chutney which is common in South India and typically made with fresh grated coconut. Sometimes a… Continue reading Apple Carrot chutney ‘thogayal’

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Mix vegetable Raitha

This yogurt dip is made with 4 vegetables - onions, carrots, cherry tomato and cucumbers. Add jalapeno and cilantro for fresh flavor. The vegetables are cut into different shapes but they all match and provide an artwork like color palette. the sweetnes of the cherry tomato added a distinct taste and the spicy kick from… Continue reading Mix vegetable Raitha