Chocolate dipped Orange slices

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Oven-dried Orange slices dipped in decadent chocolate. They require only 3 ingredients and they're incredibly delicious. You will not be able to stop with eating just one; GUARANTEED! At the offset, don’t be dissuaded thinking this will be a very difficult treat to make; we were skeptical too…. Honestly, this is… Continue reading Chocolate dipped Orange slices


Mango orange tea cakes

Teatime is a unique time of the day when we crave for something sweet…. Or something crunchy….. to go with a cup of hot tea flavored with ginger and cardamom…. As the appetizing ginger flavor draws us and as we sip the tea, a bite of a fluffy tea cake is just what is needed to… Continue reading Mango orange tea cakes


Orange Almond Biscones – marriage between a biscuit and a scone

Jump to recipeJump to recipe card What happens when you imagine a flaky orange cookie, set about making it and end up with a combination of biscuit and scone ? You name it bis-scone 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nonetheless the end product was extremely delicious! I immediately made notes and decided to share it. It also proves that… Continue reading Orange Almond Biscones – marriage between a biscuit and a scone


Mango Marmalade squares

This post is right on time for Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day has become too predictable with chocolates and strawberries 🍓🍫 Oh well, although one can never go wrong with chocolates and strawberries ….. why not try something different this year ? A fruity, tangy and a bit bitter … totally an adult dessert 😍 don’t worry kids… Continue reading Mango Marmalade squares