Lemon Pepper Tofu

Great with any protein or potato as well VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE Citrus flavors are very appetizing and here is a dish where a combination of Lemon juice and orange peel gives it a beautiful aroma and a tangy taste. Protein is best absorbed by the body when it is combined with Calcium. This is something… Continue reading Lemon Pepper Tofu

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Tangy lemon pasta with roasted corn

Are you looking for a pasta dish which is so versatile it can be customized for even the pickiest of eaters? Here's one which can be suited for all seasons and all palates!Serve it cold - this pasta uses plain olive oil for the dressing and is a lovely dish to serve cold in summer… Continue reading Tangy lemon pasta with roasted corn

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Sesame rice noodles – “Ellu sevai”

South Indian style - with seasoning powder recipe Bonus - Lemon rice noodles with fresh green peas Savory preparations using rice and rice flour are very common and popular in South India. One such preparation is String Hoppers or Rice noodles. Growing up, these rice noodles were made from scratch by pressing them through a… Continue reading Sesame rice noodles – “Ellu sevai”