Colorful Tofu sliders

These little babies are colorful and so enticing that you will not be able to stop with one or two ….. scrumptious yet light. Make it a big meal with slider buns or keep it simple by just consuming the tiny tofu babies as appetizers. I served them on a thick cut french baguette roundelle… Continue reading Colorful Tofu sliders

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Vegan Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the essential noodles dish that is a must when we enjoy Thai food. It is one of our favorite cuisines, I must say (after Indian of course)! Pad Thai is made with rice noodles which is naturally gluten-free. It makes use of fresh crisp vegetables such as broccoli and peppers. Add a simple… Continue reading Vegan Pad Thai


Baked Taquitos

Taquitos are Mexican appetizers which are small taco size tortillas rolled with some sort of filling inside. It is then flash-fried to a crunchy texture. Often served with salsa, it also goes very well with more substantial guacamole. Today we will make a healthy option of the same - presenting baked taquitos - made with sprouted… Continue reading Baked Taquitos


Loaded Nachos with homemade queso

Jump to Recipe There are 3 things I totally enjoy about Super Bowl which just happened last Sunday. 1. The brand new advertisements2. The drinks 3. The appetizers Football does not come anywhere on my list 😆One appetizer which always seems to make its way to the preferred list is Loaded nachos. It is a sure crowd pleaser.… Continue reading Loaded Nachos with homemade queso

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Double Tuesday Taco treats – Bean n potato and spicy broccoli tofu

Jump to recipe Tacos are so famous that we have a day named after them 😃Taco Tuesdays. We have Taco Tuesdays very often in our home. Tacos are simple meals to put together. I look for some veggie filling with beans, throw them into a tortilla with some cheese, DONE ! Really !!Last night dinner… Continue reading Double Tuesday Taco treats – Bean n potato and spicy broccoli tofu

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Baked Tofu “veg” balls

Jump to recipe “Meatballs” is a very popular and comforting food. It is usually added to spaghetti which the kids absolutely enjoy. This makes it a wholesome dish by bringing in the protein element to the pasta dish. Sometimes a large size ball call be served as an appetizer with embellished tomato sauce on the… Continue reading Baked Tofu “veg” balls

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Kale Tofu in InstantPot- spinoff on Palak paneer

Jump to recipe On a cold winter night, dipping your roti or naan into a piping hot curry and scooping out 'goodness' and relishing it.... the feeling is comforting and warming. On those nights when you just want something homemade and simple but yet nourishing. Food which will entice everyone in the house. One popular… Continue reading Kale Tofu in InstantPot- spinoff on Palak paneer

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Pizza 2 ways – Spinach + Feta and Pesto + Tofu

Jump to recipe Kids always like pizza, but the delivery ones are loaded with cheese which makes it a ‘fat explosion’ for adults. With the advent of readymade pizza crust, making pizza at home is a huge time-saver and a healthy alternative. In recent times supermarkets have choices for different pizza crust types and we… Continue reading Pizza 2 ways – Spinach + Feta and Pesto + Tofu