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South Indian Egg curry

Egg curry is usually boiled eggs simmered in an authentic Indian gravy. Some preparations slice the eggs in half and some keep the boiled eggs whole with slits cut into the white part to soak up the curry flavors. There are many variations of the gravy within India, even within the South Indian states there… Continue reading South Indian Egg curry

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South Indian mixed vegetable kurma

Kurma is a very popular dish in South India often served in restaurants as a side for a variety of breads such as parotta, chapathi, dosa etc. It is predominantly a mixed vegetable melange with a rich creamy gravy often made with coconut as the base. The south indian kurma is off-white in color and… Continue reading South Indian mixed vegetable kurma

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Spicy Onion chutney dip

Jump to Recipe Onion chutney is very popular in South India to go with Dosa. Dosa is typically served with an array of chutneys, onion chutney is one of them. Mostly the key ingredients are onion and tomato. As I attempt to elevate this dish, I try to choose ingredients which add protein content while… Continue reading Spicy Onion chutney dip