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South Indian Egg curry

Egg curry is usually boiled eggs simmered in an authentic Indian gravy. Some preparations slice the eggs in half and some keep the boiled eggs whole with slits cut into the white part to soak up the curry flavors. There are many variations of the gravy within India, even within the South Indian states there… Continue reading South Indian Egg curry

Lunch, Dinner and Entrees

Vegan Thai Green curry – from scratch

Jump to recipe After Indian food, our favorite cuisine has to be Thai. (For our kids Italian might take the trophy 🙂 ) The spices used are quite close to Indian spices. The addition of coconut milk adds a very pleasant aroma and flavor which is again very similar to some foods from south India.… Continue reading Vegan Thai Green curry – from scratch


Lavender infused Coconut milk pudding

Jump to recipe (An attempt to improvise authentic Srilankan dish Watalappam)Srilankan cuisine has some very unique dishes which are authentic to that country and is not found in many other cuisines. One such dessert is ‘watalappam’. This dessert combines the flavors of traditional south-asian spices such as cardamom and nutmeg with western dessert staple eggs… Continue reading Lavender infused Coconut milk pudding