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Mushroom n Olives Lasagna (VEGAN)

This one-dish lasagna is super healthy and has a unique flavor with the addition of green olives. Mushrooms and swiss chards round off the veggies and tofu is used as the protein making it a completely VEGAN offering. By using readymade lasagna sauce, the assembling of the dish takes under 30 minutes and just 30 minutes… Continue reading Mushroom n Olives Lasagna (VEGAN)

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Creamy chards with crispy cauliflower

Served with stir-fried corn pulav VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE Do you often have a lot of leftover white rice from takeout Indian food 🤔 here is an easy peasy corn pulav which is a simple stir-fry with frozen corn. All it takes is sautéing some onions, adding the frozen corn and cooking at high temperature.… Continue reading Creamy chards with crispy cauliflower

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Turmeric Tofu with roasted corn – easy stir-fry

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE  This dish incorporates fresh swiss chards and mint - both harvested from my own backyard - 😇😜and adds tofu to make it a well-rounded dish with plenty of turmeric to take the stage as the main flavor. Today, the market is flooded with turmeric tablets and articles on the goodness of turmeric… Continue reading Turmeric Tofu with roasted corn – easy stir-fry

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Mushroom barley soup with Swiss chards

Making soups in the Instantpot is a very comforting evening for us. One -it is very easy to put together and needs no baby-sitting. Two - soups are always our favorite. It wraps us in a warm blanket inside and out 😀  I have a lot of backyard vegetable patches where I grow a variety… Continue reading Mushroom barley soup with Swiss chards