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3 3 3 Taco

3 Layer Taco with 3 ingredients in each layer VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE Dinner time can be easy and fun even on a week night. Today’s quick post is highlighting exactly that. These tacos were a weeknight dinner that was put together within 30 minutes. It turned out so festive and delicious that I felt… Continue reading 3 3 3 Taco


Seitan vegan ‘crab’ cakes with Spicy dipping sauce

VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, NUT-FREE Seitan is essentially wheat gluten. It is a vegan protein made by rinsing the starch from the wheat dough. It has a nice chewy texture and works very well as a meat substitute. It is a heavily processed ingredient, so use it in small quantities. Today’s recipe tries to mimic ‘crab’ cakes with… Continue reading Seitan vegan ‘crab’ cakes with Spicy dipping sauce

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Seitan n Spinach Rainbow Tacos

Lets enjoy a rainbow for dinner 🌈Multi-colored ingredients, multi-colored taco shells. Simple guacamole to top it all. The filling - Seitan tossed with chipotle seasoning with Green spinach and Yellow roasted cornThe shells - Beautiful tortilla wraps in Beet flavor and Spinach flavor. Our very own humble guacamole; whipped up and we have the entire rainbow… Continue reading Seitan n Spinach Rainbow Tacos